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Dermatologists Hate Her: A California Woman’s Secret To A Wrinkle Free Face

Heather Walker, at her home in Sacramento, CA, opens up about her youthful transformation. Her story about her discovery has enabled thousands of women to reduce their wrinkles from home.


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Heather Walker, from Sacramento, CA, is the perfect example of a modern internet-savvy woman who knows there are ‘killer deals’ out there – you just got to find them.

Approaching 40, Heather was concerned with how rapidly she was aging. She tried product after product, only to find most of them exaggerated their claims. At the same time, she wanted to avoid procedures like Botox or Plastic Surgery as the costs are very high and the side effects and malpractice stories she’s heard about them frightened her.

As it turns out, her long search paid off, because Heather did eventually stumble upon what she was looking for. It’s an all-in-one anti-aging treatment called LifeCell.

What Exactly Is LifeCell - And What Does It Do For You?

LifeCell has been receiving increased media exposure recently around its ability to make the appearance of wrinkles vanish in 17 seconds of application. It apparently works so effectively that celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Anna Lynn McCord, Diedree Hall, Sophia Milos, and Paris Hilton have publicly raved about this anti-aging solution.

Paula Abdul – “Wow, it works!”

Anna Lynn McCord – “Its insane. I don’t see wrinkles”

Diedree Hall – “I love it! I use it all the time.”

Sophia Milos – “Wow, it smoothened my wrinkles”
Paris Hilton – “I simply love it.”

In addition, it is also being touted by doctors as the world’s first All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment. It works as a Fast-Acting Anti-Wrinkle-Cream, Firming-Cream, 24-Hour Moisturizer, Age-Spot Reducer, Corrective Under-Eye Treatment, Lip-Plumper and Makeup Base.

(Click here to see a statement from a world renown doctor on LifeCell’s efficacy).

Further, LifeCell’s ingredients have been featured in various medical journals and news media, and its formula is said to be based upon Nobel Prize Worthy Science.

All of this got Heather’s attention. And what got her even more excited was discovering that AOL – the online web portal – did research on the top anti-aging creams and found that LifeCell “received the highest ratings for its effectiveness and reliability.”

Heather Walker’s Statement:

“My name is Heather Walker. And let me tell you, I’m a really big skeptic.  I’m in the sun all the time and I have very pale skin.  So I have to take care of my skin and I get brown spots very easily.

A friend of mine introduced me to LifeCell and I really didn’t believe her when she told me that it was the greatest thing that happened to her.

Well, I tried it anyways, and after two weeks I was literally accused of having work done to my face.  I really recommend LifeCell to anybody and everybody.   It really changed my life and my skin. I’m so happy with the results. LifeCell increases your chances for second glances.”

Heather’s results have been phenomenal (her photos are reproduced in this article) and recently her story has been catching on like wildfire all over the web, helping fuel the growth of a movement of hundreds of thousands of LifeCell fans all over the world.

And it goes without saying, dermatologists and plastic surgeons are not happy about an at-home solution like LifeCell slashing their business. But, they can’t deny the results people are experiencing with this – in a safe, cost-effective, and convenient fashion.

Want To Try It Too? LifeCell Announces Availability Of 30-Day Trials:

The reviews on LifeCell from doctors, celebrities and regular people like Heather are quite spectacular. But, if you’re anything like us, you may be a little naturally skeptical about the results LifeCell will have for you until you try it out for yourself. That’s why we’re also glad to share this great news with you today:
LifeCell has publicly announced they are currently offering 30-day trials to women and men who are serious about looking younger and want to try LifeCell to experience the youthful results it has for them before buying it.

(Note from LifeCell’s website: You do need to be a first time user of LifeCell to qualify for a trial, and due to high demand trials are limited to one per household).

Simply follow the links below to claim a 30-day trial of LifeCell, while available, to experience the youthful results it can provide your skin. And be sure to write to us about your success with LifeCell.
We love to hear inspiring stories from our readers!

But hurry, this special 30-day trial offer surely won’t be around forever.

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Real Testimonials

  • I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but I had to express my gratitude to you people for developing such a remarkable cosmeceutical. I’ve been using LifeCell now for 3 months and the change in the texture and feel of my skin is simply amazing. My crow’s feet look practically gone and my skin looks years younger.

  • Well, here goes. I do not mean to sound way out of line, but this product, in one use, gave me exactly what I was looking for, great looking and feeling skin with less noticeable bags under my eyes, fewer wrinkles on my face, neck, and chest, less redness even. More than what I truly expected to see based on buying over the internet.

    I am so pleased with this product, I will have to continue to buy and watch as the years go back in time. Wonderful to receive a real product that does exactly what they tell you it does and the price is well worth it.”

  • I was given the great opportunity to try this wonderful product by LifeCell, My skin responded immediately and a healing started to take place after only one application. I have very sensitive delicate white skin that has taken me to many products but none of them responded this quickly. The product is light and the skin drinks it in leaving your face soft and smooth. California is going through some weather changes from very hot to very cold and my face was breaking out like I was sixteen and I am sixty. After just one day of using this product the sores were healing on my face and the pain was going away. This really is an amazing product. If you want to give yourself a wonderful gift, try this fabulous product called LifeCell. Your skin will thank you and you will be blessing this company like I am.

    Thank you LifeCell and your whole team for making such a wonderful product.

  • “I’m 36 years old and I recently started using LifeCell. My mother and aunt noticed right away. She was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Your skin looks great.’ My biggest compliment has just been women that I interact with saying, ‘Wow. You have really beautiful firm skin for someone your age’ I still can’t believe it ‘til this day. Approaching forty I feel like I know myself and I have confidence in myself and my ability. But using LifeCell has given me more self-confidence in how I appear to others and how, you know, my appearance is in the world.”

  • Hi my name is Karen and I’m a certified Pilates instructor. I came across LifeCell about a year ago. It’s truly an amazing product, one that’s really met all of my goals. I’ve been able to use just LifeCell to moisturize my skin. Besides its anti-aging light reflecting nanoprisms reflect away light from the shadows formed by the little fine wrinkles around my face. I’ve received lots of compliments from my clients. LifeCell is a really great product.

  • My name is Sally and I’m 33 years old. I moved down to South Florida from New York City about 3 years ago. I spend a lot of time out doors here and the sun can be quite damaging to the skin. Also as I get older, I’ve been thinking about taking better care of my skin and I’ve been searching for the perfect anti-aging cream. Everything I’ve come across the in the mall and informercials really didn’t work for me. All I got were empty promises in a bottle.

    I finally found LifeCell. This cream is amazing. It has everything in one tube including, anti-oxidants, firming cream, anti-aging, day and night cream, all in one, its very convenient. I’ve gotten so many compliments from friends and family. I’ve passed it on to my girlfriends and my mother and they all love it.

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